Labeling Guidelines

Routing Slips
All ESLS items going to other ESLS libraries should have a yellow/white routing slip with the appropriate library name written on top and also circled on the slip.  The exception to this is when your library has a large number of items for other ESLS libraries.  Place each library’s items in a separate bin and clearly label the bin with that library’s name.  Contact Lynn if you need new masters or yellow paper to print your slips.

Pink Routing Slips
Use the pink routing slips when sending or returning items to non-ESLS libraries who receive delivery through the South Central Library System delivery.  Check the South Central delivery list to verify that the library receives delivery and also to determine its “system delivery hub.”

To label a pink slip:
TO:  System hub
FOR:  Library

To print more pink slips go to the South Central Delivery Website.

Salmon Routing Slips
Use the salmon routing slips when sending or returning items to UW-System libraries.  The template to print more salmon slips is available at the South Central Delivery Website.

Yellow MINITEX Routing Slips
Use the yellow MINITEX routing slips when sending materials to MINITEX libraries.  A list of participating MINITEX libraries is available at the MINITEX site. Contact the ESLS office if you need more MINITEX routing slips.

Blue Delivery Bins
The driver will typically leave the same number of bins at your library as he takes out.  Let him know if you need more.

Inter-Office Envelopes
Be sure to clearly label these with the person’s name and the library name.  If you have extras, set them aside for the driver with the label “Extra for ESLS” attached.  Verify that the envelopes are empty before sending them back to the ESLS office.

Inter-office envelopes going to libraries outside of ESLS should have a pink routing slip attached with removable tape.