Workshops and CE Opportunities


August 2014: Free CE and Training Options Online
This list was compiled by the Texas State Library & Archives Commission
8/4 BUILDing Partnerships for Supportive Communities: Expanding the Reach of Early Learning and Development Systems through Libraries and Museums (IMLS)
8/5 When Finding Picture Books Really Can Be Child’s Play (First Tuesdays)
8/5 New Adult Fiction: An Evolving Genre (Booklist)
8/6 #SVYALit Project: Using Young Adult Literature to Talk with Teens About Sexual Violence and Consent(NCompass Live)
8/7 CopyTalk: International Copyright and Library Practices (OITP)
8/12 YA Announcements: Fresh for Fall (Booklist)
8/12 RDA Demystified, Part One: Introduction to FRBR (TLA)
8/13 Harlequin Take Me Away: the NLC Booktalks Romance (NCompass Live)
8/13 Mobile-Friendly Youth Library Services (TechSoup)
8/13 The Curious Leader: Harnessing the Power of Inquiry (AMA)
8/14 Top Ten Skills for Teaching Tech to Patrons (WebJunction)
8/15 People – Difficult or Different? (Effectiveness Institute)
8/19 The Scoop on Series Nonfiction: What’s New for Fall 2014 (Booklist)
8/20 Shared Drive Cleanup (SLRM)
8/20 What You Need to Know to Apply for a Youth Grant(NCompass Live)
8/20 Recruiting and Training Volunteers for Library Advocacy (WebJunction)
8/21 Transitioning from Sage on the Stage to Engaging Learning: Tips and Tricks for Presenting to Adults (CSL)
8/21 MedlinePlus: Power Searching for Hidden Treasures (Infopeople)
8/27 Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: RFID, Checkout Kiosks, Security Gates, and … a New Way to Check Out (NCompass Live)
8/29 FREE! 35 Free and Low Cost Tools Every Organization Should Know About (IdealWare)
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Mobile-Friendly Youth Library Services
(Make Your Library More Mobile-Friendly: Webinar Series)
Wednesday, August 13, 11:00 AM (PDT)/1:00PM (CDT)
Come to this webinar to gain ideas and learn best practices for bringing mobile devices into your youth library programs and services.

Assessing Library Facility Needs in the 21st Century
(Wisconsin Trustee Training Week)
Monday, August 18, 2014; 12 pm
Presented by: Sarah Houghton, Director, San Rafael Public Library, San Rafael (CA)

Today’s library facility manager (usually the Director) is faced with a wide cross-section responsibilities, challenges, and priorities.

How do you plan for a new 21st century library facility? How do you reconfigure an existing facility to meet 21st century needs? What kinds of spaces do we need to plan for our communities, and what kinds of priorities do we set on maintaining and improving our spaces?

From lighting to water systems, power to noise control, networking to flooring–there is plenty to think about.  This session will provide an overview of the issues facing old and new library facilities and techniques and tools for tackling both.

The Role of Social Media in Library Advocacy
(Wisconsin Trustee Training Week)
Tuesday, August 19, 2014; 12 pm
Presented by: Andy Woodworth, Supervising Librarian, Burlington County Library System, West Hampton (NJ)

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media have given people the power to engage their communities like never before in our history. Word of mouth is now hypercharged with the ability to reach out to family, friends, and peers within moments.

In this new hyperconnected world, libraries can do outreach and advocacy that can get results within the community and at the ballot box.

Join librarian Andy Woodworth as he shows how trustees, boards, and friends groups can use these websites to create change. He will provide examples of library advocacy in social media as well as provide a basic primer for those who want to utilize these services.

The Biggest, Baddest Issues Facing Public Libraries
(Wisconsin Trustee Training Week)
Wednesday, August 20, 2014; 12 pm
Presented by: Carolyn Brewer, Academic Advisor, Tarrant County College, Fort Worth (TX)

Let’s face it – libraries are dealing with a lot. Budget cuts, misperceptions, decreasing circulation , staff burn out, keeping staff well trained, advocacy, you name it.

Services are increasing and funding is decreasing.  And the answers to fix these issues aren’t getting any easier. Carolyn will discuss the Top 10 issues facing public libraries and how trustees can help keep libraries vibrant and relevant in the 21st Century.

Building the Future by Building Your Staff
(Wisconsin Trustee Training Week)
Thursday, August 21, 2014; 12 pm
Presented by: Andromeda Yelton, Library Consultant, Somerville (MA)

Librarians who can write code are doing great things for their libraries: increasing efficiency, improving service, offering innovative programming.

However, libraries don’t always support their staff in learning these skills. In this presentation, you’ll hear concrete examples of how librarians are using their software skills to build better futures, and what libraries can do to help.

Strategic Planning for Libraries workshop
Tuesday, September 16, 2014; 9:30am to 12:30pm
Berlin Public Library, 121 W. Park Ave., Berlin, WI (map)
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Presenter: Mark Arend, Assistant Director of Winnefox Library System

Things are changing so fast your head won’t stop spinning. Library budgets are tight and you can’t do everything you’re being asked to do. Your board wants to set long-range goals for the library and you can’t think further ahead than next week. What do you do? Come to this workshop to get tools to help you set service priorities and keep your library a vital part of your community.

Mark Arend is Assistant Director of the Winnefox Library System, and was part of the team that built the Winnefox Library System strategic plan for 2011-2013 and 2014 – 2016.
Continuing education contact hours: 3

Grassroots Meeting
Thursday, September 18, 2014; 1-4 pm
NeighborWorks Green Bay, 437 S Jackson St, Green Bay, WI 54301
Featured Presenter: Rebecca Van Dan, Head of Young Adult Services, Middleton Public Library (Middleton, WI)

Our annual meeting will cover literacy-related, popular culture, STEAM-related, and historical teen-related programming, as well as using teens as presenters and involving them into the community. We will also discuss the idea of meeting for “Tinker Times,” and YOU will also get a chance to share. Pizza and soda included!

Why Your Community Needs You More Than Ever
Friday, September 19, 2014; 9 am – 2 pm
Brown County Library, 515 Pine Street, Green Bay, WI 54301
Register with Kristin at NFLS: 920.448.4410 or
Cost: $8 (pay at the door)
Presented by: Valerie J. Gross, President and CEO, Howard County Library System (Columbia, MD)

Would you like to learn about a simple strategy that will make you, your library, and our profession indispensable for centuries to come? Join in to learn how a growing number of libraries are ushering in a new era with this effective approach. What are these libraries doing differently? They are repositioning their libraries as a key component of the education enterprise, alongside schools, colleges, and universities.

As libraries from all U.S. regions begin implementing this concept, they are finding that their inherent value is no longer questioned. They no longer need to constantly explain why they are important. No one looks at them anymore with a puzzled look, asking, “Tell me again what you do?” Instead, the library systems enjoy heightened respect in their communities and optimal funding. This is because they are now assigned the same enduring worth assigned to schools.

At the conclusion of this three-part Professional Development Day–including presentations, a workshop, and discussion–you will have gained the skills and confidence you need to describe your work and profession in terms that people understand and value. You will explore, discuss, and practice proven techniques to:

  • Redefine libraries in a new, innovative way
  • Align your library with what the community values most: education
  • Incorporate intuitive, value-enhancing words into your everyday lexicon
  • Heighten your library’s visibility and stature
  • Develop strategies that you can integrate immediately into your work

Signature Events for Small Libraries
Tuesday, September 23, 2014; 10 am
Presented by: Cassie Guthrie, Executive Director, Pioneer Library System (Canandaigua, NY)

From “chocolate in the stacks” tastings to mini golf courses to off-site literary dinner parties, small libraries are getting creative in offering signature events that raise funds and create friends.  This webinar will be a “show and tell” of library fundraisers, whith quick tips on how to get started in your community.

10 Ways to Engage Facebook Fans (30-Minute Thursday)
Thursday, September 25, 2014; 2 pm
Presented by: Jamie Matczak, Continuing Education Coordinator, Nicolet Federated Library System (Green Bay, WI)

Is your library’s Facebook page stuck in a rut?  Are you looking for some new ways to engage your patrons? Jamie will talk about some cool things other businesses are doing on Facebook and how they can be applied to libraries

Lead the Revolution: Leading Change by Changing Leaders
Monday October 6, 2014, 1:00-4:00 pm
Franklin Public Library, 9151 W Loomis Rd, Franklin, WI 53132 (map)
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Presenters:Felton Thomas, Jr., Director, Cleveland (OH) Public Library and Dr. Rachel Rubin, Director, Bexley (OH) Public Library

Public libraries have unique potential to create opportunities for those they serve: opportunities for growth, learning, and literacy; community and civic engagement; exposure to the joy of discovery and to the challenge of new ideas.  We live in an era when equitable access to these opportunities is shrinking and threats to public libraries are growing.  This is our call to arms.  Now is the time for a library leadership revolution.

Before libraries can successfully combat these challenges, they first need to be healthy organizations.  The long-term success of libraries has to start from within. This workshop will introduce library employees to the leadership skills they need to fortify themselves, each other, and the cultures of their organizations. From developing leadership self-awareness to navigating constant change to creating an environment in which employees are encouraged to support each other, the focus of this program will be on developing strong employees and strong organizations. Participants will leave better prepared to take on the challenges facing the modern public library and to help start the library leadership revolution.

This program is sponsored by the public library systems in Southeastern Wisconsin:  Eastern Shores Library System, Kenosha County Library System, Lakeshores Library System, Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System, Milwaukee County Federated Library System, Waukesha County Federated Library System, and also UW-Milwaukee SOIS.

Branding Your Organizational Culture
Tuesday, October 14, 2014; 1 pm
Presented by: Stacie Ledden, Communications Director & Susan Dobbs, Human Resources Director, Anythink Libraries (Thornton, CO)

In this session, Anythink Communications Director Stacie Ledden and HR Director Susan Dobbs discuss how a strong brand and vibrant culture influence each other and can transform an organization. Build a strong culture, and you build a strong brand because your staff IS your brand. Explore language, storytelling, and core values as a means of shaping an organization’s personality, and ultimately creating brand loyalty, helping staff and customers alike fall in love with the library.

LibraryReads, Edelweiss & NetGalley (30-Minute Thursday)
Thursday, October 23, 2014; 2 pm
Presented by: Jean Anderson, Continuing Education Coordinator, South Central Library System (Madison, WI)

If you want to read the next Rainbow Rowell or Michael Perry book before they’re published, you need to know those three words. Jean will show you how to use all three of these fun resources to connect with publishers, authors, and your patrons. (P.S. She read Landline by Rowelland Scavengers by Perry before they were published.)

I’m Stressed Out and You Want Me to Stay Positive?!
Tuesday, November 11, 2014; 1 pm
Presented by: Stephanie Zimmerman, Training & Development Coordinator, Library System of Lancaster County (Lancaster, PA)=

According to, “Librarian” is one of the top 10 least stressful jobs of 2014.  Hmmmm, what do you think?  What about depleting budgets due to funding cuts?  What about cuts to staffing?  What about the torrent of new technologies that are crashing down on your head?  Feeling a little dizzy?  Feeling a bit stressed?  Don’t panic!  You have the power to shift your mindset and find the calm in the storm.  Find out how a positive outlook can cut down on the harmful stress in your work and in your life!

Ebooks & Audiobooks: What the Vendors Didn’t Tell Us
Tuesday, November 18, 2014; 10 am
Presented by: Colleen Eggett, Library Trainer and Consultant, Utah State Library (Salt Lake City, UT)

Our public is clamoring to know how to get downloadable eBooks and audiobooks from the public library.  No techie answers, just what to do. Come and learn the best practices of teaching people to use these new downloadable parts of our public library collections.  You may just learn how to do it yourself. Topics include:

1.  How to really teach the public about eBooks and Audiobooks: what works and what doesn’t
2.  The audience may be different for reading eBooks and listening to audiobooks
3.  What you need to know
4.  What your public needs to know
5.  How we can find success in offering downloadable books

Library Marketing Words to Avoid (30-Minute Thursday)
Thursday, November 20, 2014; 2 pm
Presented by: Jamie Matczak, Continuing Education Coordinator, Nicolet Federated Library System (Green Bay, WI)

Whether you are writing a Facebook post, composing a tweet, creating a press release or brainstorming copy for a flyer, there are certain words that are buzzkills when it comes to marketing your library.  Jamie will talk about words to avoid and what could be used instead.  Some of them might surprise you!

Two Banks & A Square (30-Minute Thursday)
Thursday, December 11, 2014; 10 am
Presented by: Kay Rankel, Director, Gillett Public Library (Gillett, WI)

In May, the Gillett Public Library (a former bank) purchased another bank building right next door to allow for more collection, computer, and socializing space in its current location, and to convert the second bank building into a community center with additional space for meetings and displays.  The area in-between will become a Community Square utilizing input from the entire community.  Kay will talk about the process, progress, and roadblocks along the way in choosing this unique concept.