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January 2015: Free CE and Training Options Online.
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Wild Wisconsin Winter Webinar Conference
January 21-22, 2015
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
More information.

The Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference is a state-wide virtual conference developed by the Nicolet Federated Library System and co-sponsored by 14 other library systems in Wisconsin. Five web presentations focusing on public libraries will be given each day from speakers all over the country.

All sessions are free and will be recorded.

February 2015: Free CE and Training Options Online.
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March 2015: Free CE and Training Options Online.
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April 2015: Free CE and Training Options Online.
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2014 Workshops and CE Opportunities Archive


Infopeople | Archived Webinars

Wild Wisconsin Winter Webinar Conference
January 15-16, 2014
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Registration is now open.

The Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference is a state-wide virtual conference developed by the Nicolet Federated Library System and co-sponsored by 12 other library systems in Wisconsin. Five web presentations focusing on public libraries will be given each day from speakers all over the country, and even one in Belgium.

All sessions are free and will be recorded. They will also be live tweeting at #wwwc14.

Health Happens in Libraries: Health Information Resources for Library Staff
Wednesday, January 22, 2014
1:00 pm Central for 60 min

Public libraries provide a variety of health reference services and public programs to support community health literacy. Health literacy has been described by the Institute of Medicine as “the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.” The National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) provides comprehensive health information resources and services to libraries across eight regions nationwide. Join this WebJunction webinar to learn more about the health information resources available through the National Library of Medicine and the NN/LM. Representatives of the NN/LM Pacific Southwest Regional Medical Library will discuss their collaborative efforts with public libraries regarding the Affordable Care Act and other popular health information topics, and share strategies for strengthening your own library’s health information services, to improve the health literacy of your community.

Moderated by: WebJunction
Presented by:

  • Alan Carr, Acting Associate Director, NN/LM Pacific Southwest Region, UCLA Louise Darling Biomedical Library
  • Kelli Ham, Consumer Health and Technology Coordinator, NN/LM Pacific Southwest Region, UCLA Louise Darling Biomedical Library

If you cannot attend this live session, a recorded archive will be available to view at your convenience. Please sign up here if you would like to receive notifications about this project, including when the archive is available.

Measurements that Matter: Analyzing Patron Behavior (Infopeople Webinar)
Presenters: Joan Frye Williams
Date: Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Start Time: 2pm Central
To Register:

  • Do you wish your library got more credit for its wide range of offerings?
  • Do you sometimes feel pressured to make tough choices without adequate information?
  • Has your library documented everything there is to know about how items move through the system, and next to nothing about how users move between services?
  • Are you reluctant to delve into patron data for fear of compromising confidentiality?

If you suspect that better data might contribute to better decisions, you’re right! Let’s face it – as library services evolve, traditional statistics paint an increasingly limited picture of what’s really going on. Today’s library is supposed to be a “people place,” yet we pay relatively little attention to people-related data. In this webinar we’ll explore the human side of library measurement, taking special care to improve our understanding of our users without sacrificing confidentiality or invading their privacy.

You do not need previous knowledge of statistical methods or research techniques to benefit from this discussion. We’ll focus on simple, practical approaches to analyzing:

  • Patron recruitment and retention,
  • Usage life-cycles,
  • In-building navigation and browsing,
  • Past and future demand for services,
  • Target audiences’ communications preferences, and
  • Overall patterns of library use.

If you are unable to attend the live event, you can access the archived version the day following the webinar. Check the archive listing at:

Customer Service ComedySportz Style
Thursday, March 20, 2014
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
New Berlin Public Library, 15105 Library Lane, New Berlin 53151
To Register:

This customer service focused workshop will be fun, funny, and safe. While everyone will participate in exercises in small groups, no one will ever be forced to go on stage in any exercise or game. With an emphasis on important customer service elements–communication, cooperation, and trusting yourself–you will leave the workshop a better person. People you know, or don’t know, will comment on how you’ve changed – how you seem happier, good looking, and…well…just better.

Sponsored by the public library systems in Southeastern Wisconsin: Eastern Shores Library System, Kenosha County Library System, Lakeshores Library System, Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System, Milwaukee County Federated Library System and Waukesha County Federated Library System and UW-Milwaukee School of Information Studies.

April 2014: Free CE and Training Options Online.
This list was compiled by the Texas State Library & Archives Commission and distributed to the Association of Rural and Small Libraries message list.

Web Content Strategy for Libraries
Wednesday, April 30, 2014
10:00 am
To register:

Presented by: Nina McHale, Digital Experience Consultant
Colorado State Library, Denver (CO)

Are you happy with the content on your web site? Is there a consistent voice and message across the whole site? Is all of your site’s content accurate and up-to-date? Is it clear who is in charge of which content, and how often new content should be posted? Do staff responsible for creating content have the skills, time, and support they require to do so successfully? Is there a clear process for vetting new kinds of content? If you answered “No” to any of these questions, never fear: content strategy to the rescue! This webinar will help attendees develop their own content strategy for creating and managing content of all types across a typical library web site. Improve the overall web experience for your customers and make life easier for staff!

Public Tech Instruction: Online Job Search Assistance
Wednesday, April 30, 2014
1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m Central time

Registration Link:

Do you help job seekers at your library or nonprofit? Supporting job seekers is a critical service provided by public libraries and community based workforce organizations. This webinar will offer helpful information about providing job seeker assistance using innovative services and tech savvy tools. Gather new ideas to improve your services for job seekers as you hear stories of success in libraries. Come to this free webinar to learn how your library or nonprofit can improve its job search training programs.

We will hear from the Arlington Heights Memorial Library about their successful services for job seekers, including resume assistance and access to online training materials. We will also hear from JobScout, a free online resource created for libraries and nonprofits to provide individual or group training.

This webinar will be archived. Please register to receive a link to the archive when it becomes available.

May 2014: Free CE and Training Options Online
This list was compiled by the Texas State Library & Archives Commission
5/06 Get Ready for the Summer ‘To-Do’ List (TexShare)
5/06 Data, Discovery, Readers, and Records — ER&L 2014 In Review (LJ)
5/07 STEAM in the Public Library: Programs & Services for Children (Infopeople)
5/08 Library Security (AL)
5/14 Discover the Benefits of eBook Partnerships (LJ)
5/14 Get Ready for Summer Crafts and Hobbies (TexShare)
5/15 Adding Diversity and Inclusion to Strategic Planning (TLA)
5/20 The Nuts and Bolts of 3D Printing for Librarians – Part 1 of 2 (TSLAC) – Understanding What They Are and How They Work
5/22 Disaster Recovery and Salvage for Government Records (SLRM)
5/27 The Nuts and Bolts of 3D Printing for Librarians – Part 2 of 2 (TSLAC) – Deciding If Your Patrons Would Benefit From a 3D Printer
–check the CE calendar to see what’s happening today.

Building Blocks To Successful Collaborations (30-Minute Thursday)
Thursday, May 1, 2014
2:00 pm
To register:

Presented by: Jean Anderson, Continuing Education Coordinator
South Central Library System (Madison, WI)

How well do you really collaborate?
By showing you how to never, EVER have anyone want to work with you again, Jean will teach you how it’s really done.

Makerspaces in the Library: Full STEAM Ahead
Tuesday, May 20, 2014
9:30 am- 3:30 pm
Ripon Public Libary
120 Jefferson St., Ripon
More information

June 2014: Free CE and Training Options Online
This list was compiled by the Texas State Library & Archives Commission
6/03 First Tuesdays: Weeding Made Easy (WSL)
6/04 20 Cool Tools for You and Your Library (NCompass Live)
6/05 Best Small Libraries in America: Vital, Innovative and Thriving (WebJunction)
6/05 Mobile Impact 201: Digital Content Strategies for Mobile (TechSoup)
6/09 Grantseeking Basics (GrantSpace)
6/11 Email Management: Part 1 of 2 (SLRM)
6/11 Broadband + Libraries = Community Growth (NCompass Live)
6/12 Creating a Positive Workplace – Part 1 of 2 (USL)
6/12 Going Beyond Google (AL Live)
6/12 Creative Spaces and Family Engagement in Libraries (Infopeople)
6/17 Engaged, Embedded, and Enriched Creative Community Connections (CSL)
6/18 Email Management: Part 2 of 2 (SLRM)
6/18 EDGE: Connecting Technology and Community (NCompass Live)
6/18 Be Fearless: Public Speaking for Librarians (WebJunction)
6/18 Rainbow Family Connections: Embracing LGBTQ Families at Your Library (Infopeople)
6/19 Creating a Positive Workplace – Part 2 of 2 (USL)
–check the CE calendar to see what’s happening today.

Get in the Hearing Loop!
Monday, June 9th, 2014
1:00 pm
Waukesha Civic Theatre, 264 W. Main Street, Waukesha, WI 53186
Registration is free but not required

Wear hearing aids? Want to improve accessibility in your facility? Join us for a hearing loop demonstration & community meeting.

Failing in the Right Direction
Date: Tuesday, June 17, 2014
2PM Central
Presenter: Joan Frye Williams

What happens at your library when something doesn’t go according to plan? Do you or your colleagues find yourselves:

* Apologizing and promising not to let that happen again?
* Pointing out the circumstances that were beyond your control?
* Worrying about how this setback might affect your budget or your career?
* Wishing that other people had done more to support you?
* Or just feeling generally down and discouraged?

We hear a lot about the need for innovation and risk taking in the workplace but not so much about the flip side of that coin: failure. Failure happens.
Some even say that there is no creativity without failure. In fact, many success stories – Thomas Edison, Vera Wang, Jay-Z, Dr. Seuss – are prefaced by accounts of repeated failures. Even so, the library environment has not been especially tolerant of imperfect outcomes. If we want to continue to change and grow, we’ll need to rethink how we deal with failure.

Though we can’t totally avoid failing, we can learn to fail more constructively. In this lively one-hour webinar, we will explore how to:

* Set clear parameters for what constitutes success,
* Inspire support and participation even when success cannot be guaranteed,
* Keep minor glitches from escalating,
* Isolate and correct what went wrong without shaming or blaming,
* Understand when to let go and when to regroup and keep trying,
* Extract valuable information from unsuccessful ventures,
* Care for ourselves and others when things don’t work out as well as we’d hoped, and
* Avoid repeating old mistakes while retaining the nerve to make new ones!

If you are a member of the library community who has ever planned, supervised, funded, participated in, or stood by helplessly during an honest effort that fell short, this webinar will offer you both practical techniques and reassuring perspectives.

If you are unable to attend the live event, you can access the archived version the day following the webinar. Check their archive listing at:

July 2014: Free CE and Training Options Online
This list was compiled by the Texas State Library & Archives Commission
7/01 Connecting Your Patrons to Free Online Learning with (WSL)
7/09 Is It Copyrighted? Can I Use It? (NCompass Live)
7/09 Making Your Space: Creators and Makers in the Library (WebJunction)
7/16 Engaging Writers with a Community Novel Project (NCompass Live)
7/16 7 Questions Your Board Asks That YOU May Never Hear (4Good)
7/22 Makerspaces in Libraries: Legal Considerations (Infopeople)
7/22 Workforce Development and Libraries (TLA)
7/23 Opportunity – Collaboration – Engagement (NCompass Live)
7/24 Protection and Storage of Permanent Paper Records (SLRM)
7/30 Adult Library Programs Gone Mobile (TechSoup)
–check the CE calendar to see what’s happening today.

Welcoming Mobile Devices in Your Library: Space & Staffing
(Make Your Library More Mobile-Friendly: Webinar Series)
Wednesday, July 16, 11:00 AM (PDT)/1:00PM (CDT)
Learn how to meet the mobile device needs of your community by adapting your library space, improving IT infrastructure, and providing support to staff.

More Low-Cost Marketing Tools (30-Minute Thursday)
Thursday, July 24, 2014; 10 am
Presented by: Karen Eckberg, Campus Librarian, Rasmussen College (Green Bay, WI)

Karen shared some great free and low-cost print marketing tools at a 30-minute session in April, so she’s back to share some more! Learn some more online tools that can help you with your library marketing, their level of difficulty and examples of how they can be used.

Adult Library Programs Gone Mobile
(Make Your Library More Mobile-Friendly: Webinar Series)
Wednesday, July 30, 11:00 AM (PDT)/1:00PM (CDT)
This webinar will share ideas for integrating mobile-devices into new and existing adult programs to promote library e-media and teach digital literacy skills.

August 2014: Free CE and Training Options Online
This list was compiled by the Texas State Library & Archives Commission
8/4 BUILDing Partnerships for Supportive Communities: Expanding the Reach of Early Learning and Development Systems through Libraries and Museums (IMLS)
8/5 When Finding Picture Books Really Can Be Child’s Play (First Tuesdays)
8/5 New Adult Fiction: An Evolving Genre (Booklist)
8/6 #SVYALit Project: Using Young Adult Literature to Talk with Teens About Sexual Violence and Consent(NCompass Live)
8/7 CopyTalk: International Copyright and Library Practices (OITP)
8/12 YA Announcements: Fresh for Fall (Booklist)
8/12 RDA Demystified, Part One: Introduction to FRBR (TLA)
8/13 Harlequin Take Me Away: the NLC Booktalks Romance (NCompass Live)
8/13 Mobile-Friendly Youth Library Services (TechSoup)
8/13 The Curious Leader: Harnessing the Power of Inquiry (AMA)
8/14 Top Ten Skills for Teaching Tech to Patrons (WebJunction)
8/15 People – Difficult or Different? (Effectiveness Institute)
8/19 The Scoop on Series Nonfiction: What’s New for Fall 2014 (Booklist)
8/20 Shared Drive Cleanup (SLRM)
8/20 What You Need to Know to Apply for a Youth Grant(NCompass Live)
8/20 Recruiting and Training Volunteers for Library Advocacy (WebJunction)
8/21 Transitioning from Sage on the Stage to Engaging Learning: Tips and Tricks for Presenting to Adults (CSL)
8/21 MedlinePlus: Power Searching for Hidden Treasures (Infopeople)
8/27 Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: RFID, Checkout Kiosks, Security Gates, and … a New Way to Check Out (NCompass Live)
8/29 FREE! 35 Free and Low Cost Tools Every Organization Should Know About (IdealWare)
–check the CE calendar to see what’s happening today.

Mobile-Friendly Youth Library Services
(Make Your Library More Mobile-Friendly: Webinar Series)
Wednesday, August 13, 11:00 AM (PDT)/1:00PM (CDT)
Come to this webinar to gain ideas and learn best practices for bringing mobile devices into your youth library programs and services.

Assessing Library Facility Needs in the 21st Century
(Wisconsin Trustee Training Week)
Monday, August 18, 2014; 12 pm
Presented by: Sarah Houghton, Director, San Rafael Public Library, San Rafael (CA)

Today’s library facility manager (usually the Director) is faced with a wide cross-section responsibilities, challenges, and priorities.

How do you plan for a new 21st century library facility? How do you reconfigure an existing facility to meet 21st century needs? What kinds of spaces do we need to plan for our communities, and what kinds of priorities do we set on maintaining and improving our spaces?

From lighting to water systems, power to noise control, networking to flooring–there is plenty to think about.  This session will provide an overview of the issues facing old and new library facilities and techniques and tools for tackling both.

The Role of Social Media in Library Advocacy
(Wisconsin Trustee Training Week)
Tuesday, August 19, 2014; 12 pm
Presented by: Andy Woodworth, Supervising Librarian, Burlington County Library System, West Hampton (NJ)

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media have given people the power to engage their communities like never before in our history. Word of mouth is now hypercharged with the ability to reach out to family, friends, and peers within moments.

In this new hyperconnected world, libraries can do outreach and advocacy that can get results within the community and at the ballot box.

Join librarian Andy Woodworth as he shows how trustees, boards, and friends groups can use these websites to create change. He will provide examples of library advocacy in social media as well as provide a basic primer for those who want to utilize these services.

The Biggest, Baddest Issues Facing Public Libraries
(Wisconsin Trustee Training Week)
Wednesday, August 20, 2014; 12 pm
Presented by: Carolyn Brewer, Academic Advisor, Tarrant County College, Fort Worth (TX)

Let’s face it – libraries are dealing with a lot. Budget cuts, misperceptions, decreasing circulation , staff burn out, keeping staff well trained, advocacy, you name it.

Services are increasing and funding is decreasing.  And the answers to fix these issues aren’t getting any easier. Carolyn will discuss the Top 10 issues facing public libraries and how trustees can help keep libraries vibrant and relevant in the 21st Century.

Building the Future by Building Your Staff
(Wisconsin Trustee Training Week)
Thursday, August 21, 2014; 12 pm
Presented by: Andromeda Yelton, Library Consultant, Somerville (MA)

Librarians who can write code are doing great things for their libraries: increasing efficiency, improving service, offering innovative programming.

However, libraries don’t always support their staff in learning these skills. In this presentation, you’ll hear concrete examples of how librarians are using their software skills to build better futures, and what libraries can do to help.

September 2014: Free CE and Training Options Online
This list was compiled by the Texas State Library & Archives Commission
9/3 Resource Description and What? RDA for Non-Catalogers (NCompass Live)
9/3 Stressed About Pests? Part 2 – Treating Infestations (C2C)
9/3 Basic Developmental Milestones of Early Childhood (Infopeople)
9/4 The Art of Narrating an Audiobook (Booklist)
9/5Tech Tools with Tine: 1 Hour of Facebook – 2014 edition (TSLAC)
9/8 Back to School Special: Open Mic Edition (#TLChat)
9/9 The Reader’s First Initiative: Fighting for Fair Access to ebooks (First Tuesdays)
9/9 Variety Is the Spice of Romance (Booklist)
9/9 The Reference Interview Today: Practical Principles, Timeless Tips (LJ)
9/10 Teen Tech Time: Remix Fun with Mozilla Webmaker Tools! (NCompass Live)
9/10 Coaching for the Time-Crunched Manager (AMA)
9/10 MakerCamp: Partnerships, Polylactic Acid, and Payouts (Georgia Carterette)
9/10 Wayfinding the San Jose Way (Demco)
9/10 Storymakers Get Your Story Noticed! (TechSoup)
9/10 Is Your Program Ready and Safe for Emergencies? (Early Childhood Webinars)
9/10 Talk-Alouds: A Different Approach to Read-Alouds (AASL)
9/11 Embracing the Next Generation Science Standards (Booklist)
9/12 Tech Tools with Tine: 1 Hour of Twitter 2014 edition (TSLAC)
9/12 Building Cutter Numbers: An Overview (ALA)
9/12 Three Steps to Thriving in Chaos (Effectiveness Institute)
9/15 EatPlayGrow! (Children’s Museum of Manhattan)
9/17 Storymakers: Tell Your Library’s Story (TechSoup)
9/18 Taming Tech Tools for Libraries (WebJunction)
9/18 Library Self-Service Software and Devices (AL Live)
9/18 Funding Rural America: Finding Support for Small Communities (TechSoup)
9/18 You Can Do I.T. On Your Own (Infopeople)
9/18 RDA Demystified Part Two: Introduction to FRBR (TLA)
9/19 Tech Tools with Tine: 1 Hour of Google Drive (TSLAC)
9/22 Five Skills To Help You Discover, Use, and Share Great Digital Tools for Learning (EasyBib)
9/23 Everything You Want to Know About PubMed (FDLP)
9/23 Consistent Communication: Coordinating Marketing Efforts Across Platforms (Infopeople)
9/24 Tech Talk with Michael Sauers (NCompass Live)
9/24 Accounting for Numberphobic (AMA)
9/24 Health Happens in Libraries: Looking Ahead to 2015 Open Enrollment (WebJunction)
9/25 Technology User’s Advisory: Guiding Consumers through the Digital Marketplace (Infopeople)
9/26 Tech Tools with Tine: 1 Hour of MailChimp (TSLAC)
9/30 Worlds Away: New SF/Fantasy for Fall and Beyond (Booklist)
–check the CE calendar to see what’s happening today.

September 2014: Free CE and Training Options Online
This list was compiled by the Wyoming State Library
Sept. 4: How to Get Your Nonprofit Ready for Giving Tuesday (Charity HowTo)
Sept. 4: #GivingTuesday and Year-End Fundraising Strategies (TechSoup)
Sept. 4: Grantseeking Basics (GrantSpace)
Sept. 9: Tons of Money in the Mail! (Wild Woman Fundraising)
Sept. 9: Playing by the Rules: Creating an Effective Volunteer Handbook (VolunteerMatch)
Sept. 10: The 7 Fundamentals of a Monthly Giving Program (Charity HowTo)
Sept. 10: Silent Auction Secrets: 5 simple changes to generate bigger bids (4Good)
Sept. 10: Developing and Using Effective Interview Questions for Better Hiring (4Good)
Sept. 11: Managing Difficult Volunteer Transitions (VolunteerMatch)
Sept. 12: Stats Don’t Lie: Small Libraries Make Big Impacts (Cengage Learning/Gale Marketing Event)
Sept. 17: Strategic Decision Making: Shifting your culture from reactive to proactive (4Good)
Sept. 17: RU Ready 2 Trust ‘em? Why Access is Essential to Developing Citizenship among Millennials (edWeb)
Sept. 18: Measuring Success: How to Strategically Assess Your Program (VolunteerMatch)
Sept. 19: Managing Conflicts of Interest (DC Bar Pro Bono Program)
Sept. 23: Speaking with Sizzle, Substance and Style (InSync)
Sept. 24: Proposal Writing Basics (GrantSpace)
Sept. 25: Proposal Budgeting Basics (GrantSpace)
Sept. 29: How to Approach a Foundation (GrantSpace)
Sept. 30: 3 Keys to Getting Employee Engagement Right (Training Magazine Network)

Strategic Planning for Libraries workshop
Tuesday, September 16, 2014; 9:30am to 12:30pm
Berlin Public Library, 121 W. Park Ave., Berlin, WI (map)
Register here:
Presenter: Mark Arend, Assistant Director of Winnefox Library System

Things are changing so fast your head won’t stop spinning. Library budgets are tight and you can’t do everything you’re being asked to do. Your board wants to set long-range goals for the library and you can’t think further ahead than next week. What do you do? Come to this workshop to get tools to help you set service priorities and keep your library a vital part of your community.

Mark Arend is Assistant Director of the Winnefox Library System, and was part of the team that built the Winnefox Library System strategic plan for 2011-2013 and 2014 – 2016.
Continuing education contact hours: 3

Discovering Your Data: Where It Is and How Libraries Can Use It
Wednesday, September 17, 2014, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM CDT
Presented by: Jamie McCanless, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Madison; Tessa Michaelson Schmidt, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Madison

Every year, Wisconsin public libraries and library systems submit hundreds of thousands of fields of annual report information to DPI. Then what? We’ll look at local, state, and federal sources of library data and online comparison tools, talk about how data is changing, and provide suggestions for using data to tell the library’s story. Discover how to get as much out of the annual report as you put into it from this presentation and discussion.
Sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Grassroots Meeting
Thursday, September 18, 2014; 1-4 pm
NeighborWorks Green Bay, 437 S Jackson St, Green Bay, WI 54301
Featured Presenter: Rebecca Van Dan, Head of Young Adult Services, Middleton Public Library (Middleton, WI)

Our annual meeting will cover literacy-related, popular culture, STEAM-related, and historical teen-related programming, as well as using teens as presenters and involving them into the community. We will also discuss the idea of meeting for “Tinker Times,” and YOU will also get a chance to share. Pizza and soda included!

Why Your Community Needs You More Than Ever
Friday, September 19, 2014; 9 am – 2 pm
Brown County Library, 515 Pine Street, Green Bay, WI 54301
Register with Kristin at NFLS: 920.448.4410 or
Cost: $8 (pay at the door)
Presented by: Valerie J. Gross, President and CEO, Howard County Library System (Columbia, MD)

Would you like to learn about a simple strategy that will make you, your library, and our profession indispensable for centuries to come? Join in to learn how a growing number of libraries are ushering in a new era with this effective approach. What are these libraries doing differently? They are repositioning their libraries as a key component of the education enterprise, alongside schools, colleges, and universities.

As libraries from all U.S. regions begin implementing this concept, they are finding that their inherent value is no longer questioned. They no longer need to constantly explain why they are important. No one looks at them anymore with a puzzled look, asking, “Tell me again what you do?” Instead, the library systems enjoy heightened respect in their communities and optimal funding. This is because they are now assigned the same enduring worth assigned to schools.

At the conclusion of this three-part Professional Development Day–including presentations, a workshop, and discussion–you will have gained the skills and confidence you need to describe your work and profession in terms that people understand and value. You will explore, discuss, and practice proven techniques to:

  • Redefine libraries in a new, innovative way
  • Align your library with what the community values most: education
  • Incorporate intuitive, value-enhancing words into your everyday lexicon
  • Heighten your library’s visibility and stature
  • Develop strategies that you can integrate immediately into your work

Signature Events for Small Libraries
Tuesday, September 23, 2014; 10 am
Presented by: Cassie Guthrie, Executive Director, Pioneer Library System (Canandaigua, NY)

From “chocolate in the stacks” tastings to mini golf courses to off-site literary dinner parties, small libraries are getting creative in offering signature events that raise funds and create friends.  This webinar will be a “show and tell” of library fundraisers, whith quick tips on how to get started in your community.

Focused Innovation with Joan Frye Williams
Wednesday, September 24, 2014, 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM CDT
Presented by: Joan Frye Williams

Whether you see the wealth of new technologies as a candy store to be savored or a minefield to be navigated, sooner or later you’ll need to decide which innovative opportunities to pursue.  Library consultant and futurist Joan Frye Williams offers practical advice for sizing up your needs, resources, culture, and readiness, and matching your situation to the kinds of projects that will be a good fit for your organization.  There’s no need to chase every trend, and no point in making the work of innovation much harder than it needs to be. Learn how you can apply simple criteria up front to focus your efforts and greatly improve your likelihood of success.

10 Ways to Engage Facebook Fans (30-Minute Thursday)
Thursday, September 25, 2014; 2 pm
Presented by: Jamie Matczak, Continuing Education Coordinator, Nicolet Federated Library System (Green Bay, WI)

Is your library’s Facebook page stuck in a rut?  Are you looking for some new ways to engage your patrons? Jamie will talk about some cool things other businesses are doing on Facebook and how they can be applied to libraries

October 2014: Free CE and Training Options Online
This list was compiled by the Texas State Library & Archives Commission
10/1 The Digital Shift: Libraries @the Center (LJ & SLJ)
10/1 Money Smart Week @ your library (ALA)
10/1 What Motivates Me: How to Take Control of Your Career (AMA)
10/1 Adam Bellow’s Favorite Apps and Websites (EasyBib)
10/2 iPad: Accessibility (ATC)
10/3 Tech Tools with Tine: 1 Hour of Curation with Pinterest and Tumblr (TSLAC)
10/8 Lead with Humility: Lessons from Pope Francis (AMA)
10/9 Engage Volunteers With Yammer (TechSoup)
10/9 Digitization and Libraries (AL Live)
10/14 Digital Citizenship: New Roles and Responsibilities in the Digital Age (WebJunction)
10/14 The Scoop on Series Nonfiction: More New Titles for Fall 2014 (Booklist)
10/14 Library UX: Strategic Branding and Identity Development (LJ)
10/15 10 Secrets that Can Make or Break Your Career (AMA)
10/15 Books for Boys 2014 (SLJ)
10/16 Let’s Read! New Books for the Newest Readers (Booklist)
10/16 iPads, Mobile Devices, and the Library: Legal Issues (Infopeople)
10/16 Engaging the Reluctant Middle Grade Reader (SLJ)
10/17 6 Essentials for Teams That Work (Effectiveness Institute)
10/21 Serving the Underserved: Children with Disabilities at Your Library (WebJunction)
10/21 AT for Common Core College and Career Readiness for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities (ATC)
10/22 Bonding with Your Community: How to Craft Your Library Story (CSL)
10/22 Personal Digital Archiving: A Train the Trainer Webinar (Carterette Series)
10/28 Fall into a Good Mystery (Booklist)
10/28 Library UX: Creating Usable and Useful Websites (LJ)

October 2014: Free CE and Training Options Online
This list was compiled by the Wyoming State Library

HR for Librarians workshop
Thursday, October 2, 2014;  9:30am to 12:30pm
Ripon Public Library, 120 Jefferson St., Ripon, WI, 54971 (map)
Presenters: Ron Montgomery, Human Resources-Labor Relations Specialist and Public Information Officer, Winnebago County; Julie Schmude, Administrative Coordinator, Winnefox Library System; Mark Arend, Assistant Director, Winnefox Library System

Ever feel like you’re looking into a pot of alphabet soup?
Have you ever wondered…

  • when you have to give staff a break or lunch period?
  • what exactly is unemployment insurance, and why is the state billing us?
  • what’s the law on employees out sick for an extended period?
  • what restrictions are there on what your teenage page can work?
  • when do you have to make accommodation for a disability?

Come to this workshop to get tools to decode the alphabet soup, and learn how to stay on the right side of employment laws.

Sponsored by Winnefox Library System
Continuing education contact hours: 3

Lead the Revolution: Leading Change by Changing Leaders
Monday October 6, 2014, 1:00-4:00 pm
Franklin Public Library, 9151 W Loomis Rd, Franklin, WI 53132 (map)
To Register:
Presenters:Felton Thomas, Jr., Director, Cleveland (OH) Public Library and Dr. Rachel Rubin, Director, Bexley (OH) Public Library

Public libraries have unique potential to create opportunities for those they serve: opportunities for growth, learning, and literacy; community and civic engagement; exposure to the joy of discovery and to the challenge of new ideas.  We live in an era when equitable access to these opportunities is shrinking and threats to public libraries are growing.  This is our call to arms.  Now is the time for a library leadership revolution.

Before libraries can successfully combat these challenges, they first need to be healthy organizations.  The long-term success of libraries has to start from within. This workshop will introduce library employees to the leadership skills they need to fortify themselves, each other, and the cultures of their organizations. From developing leadership self-awareness to navigating constant change to creating an environment in which employees are encouraged to support each other, the focus of this program will be on developing strong employees and strong organizations. Participants will leave better prepared to take on the challenges facing the modern public library and to help start the library leadership revolution.

This program is sponsored by the public library systems in Southeastern Wisconsin:  Eastern Shores Library System, Kenosha County Library System, Lakeshores Library System, Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System, Milwaukee County Federated Library System, Waukesha County Federated Library System, and also UW-Milwaukee SOIS.

Finding Demographic Data on the Web
Thursday, October 9, 2014; 9 – 11:30 a.m.
Mead Public Library, 710 N 8th St., Sheboygan, WI 53081
Please register with Kim Dalhaimer via e-mail or call 920-459-3400 x3438
Workshop Flyer
Presenter: David Egan-Robertson, UW-Madison Applied Population Laboratory

This workshop will cover recent changes to the FactFinder site and simpler pathways to obtain a great deal of the available information. In addition, ways to help patrons understand the similarities and differences of data and estimates from the decennial Census and American Community Survey will be described. Finally, the presentation will outline some new tablet-based applications, and other non-Census web sites, that may aid your customers.

Branding Your Organizational Culture
Tuesday, October 14, 2014; 1 pm
Presented by: Stacie Ledden, Communications Director & Susan Dobbs, Human Resources Director, Anythink Libraries (Thornton, CO)

In this session, Anythink Communications Director Stacie Ledden and HR Director Susan Dobbs discuss how a strong brand and vibrant culture influence each other and can transform an organization. Build a strong culture, and you build a strong brand because your staff IS your brand. Explore language, storytelling, and core values as a means of shaping an organization’s personality, and ultimately creating brand loyalty, helping staff and customers alike fall in love with the library.

LibraryReads, Edelweiss & NetGalley (30-Minute Thursday)
Thursday, October 23, 2014; 2 pm
Presented by: Jean Anderson, Continuing Education Coordinator, South Central Library System (Madison, WI)

If you want to read the next Rainbow Rowell or Michael Perry book before they’re published, you need to know those three words. Jean will show you how to use all three of these fun resources to connect with publishers, authors, and your patrons. (P.S. She read Landline by Rowelland Scavengers by Perry before they were published.)

November 2014: Free CE and Training Options Online.
This list was compiled by the Texas State Library & Archives Commission

I’m Stressed Out and You Want Me to Stay Positive?!
Tuesday, November 11, 2014; 1 pm
Presented by: Stephanie Zimmerman, Training & Development Coordinator, Library System of Lancaster County (Lancaster, PA)=

According to, “Librarian” is one of the top 10 least stressful jobs of 2014.  Hmmmm, what do you think?  What about depleting budgets due to funding cuts?  What about cuts to staffing?  What about the torrent of new technologies that are crashing down on your head?  Feeling a little dizzy?  Feeling a bit stressed?  Don’t panic!  You have the power to shift your mindset and find the calm in the storm.  Find out how a positive outlook can cut down on the harmful stress in your work and in your life!

Ebooks & Audiobooks: What the Vendors Didn’t Tell Us
Tuesday, November 18, 2014; 10 am
Presented by: Colleen Eggett, Library Trainer and Consultant, Utah State Library (Salt Lake City, UT)

Our public is clamoring to know how to get downloadable eBooks and audiobooks from the public library.  No techie answers, just what to do. Come and learn the best practices of teaching people to use these new downloadable parts of our public library collections.  You may just learn how to do it yourself. Topics include:

1.  How to really teach the public about eBooks and Audiobooks: what works and what doesn’t
2.  The audience may be different for reading eBooks and listening to audiobooks
3.  What you need to know
4.  What your public needs to know
5.  How we can find success in offering downloadable books

Library Marketing Words to Avoid (30-Minute Thursday)
Thursday, November 20, 2014; 2 pm
Presented by: Jamie Matczak, Continuing Education Coordinator, Nicolet Federated Library System (Green Bay, WI)

Whether you are writing a Facebook post, composing a tweet, creating a press release or brainstorming copy for a flyer, there are certain words that are buzzkills when it comes to marketing your library.  Jamie will talk about words to avoid and what could be used instead.  Some of them might surprise you!

December 2014: Free CE and Training Options Online.
This list was compiled by the Texas State Library & Archives Commission

Two Banks & A Square (30-Minute Thursday)
Thursday, December 11, 2014; 10 am
Presented by: Kay Rankel, Director, Gillett Public Library (Gillett, WI)

In May, the Gillett Public Library (a former bank) purchased another bank building right next door to allow for more collection, computer, and socializing space in its current location, and to convert the second bank building into a community center with additional space for meetings and displays.  The area in-between will become a Community Square utilizing input from the entire community.  Kay will talk about the process, progress, and roadblocks along the way in choosing this unique concept.

2013 Workshops and CE Opportunities Archive


Did you miss one of the 2013 continuing education programs offered in southeastern Wisconsin?
No problem. The continuing education archive page is now available.
Presentation slides, handouts and, in some cases, video recordings are available for download and viewing. You will also find program description details, which can be helpful for library directors who need to complete Wisconsin Public Library Director Certification activity reports. Note that Warren Graham (Black Belt Librarian) does not allow any recording of his programs.
Continuing education programs are sponsored by the public library systems in Southeastern Wisconsin: Eastern Shores Library System, Kenosha County Library System, Lakeshores Library System, Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System, Milwaukee County Federated Library System, Waukesha County Federated Library System, and also UW-Milwaukee SOIS.

October 2013: Free CE and Training Options Online
Compiled by the Texas State Library & Archives Commission
Free Webinar Highlights – check their CE calendar to see what’s happening today.
10/03 What Not to Weed: Best Practices in Weeding Library Collections (Booklist))
10/03 Baking Discovery into the Pie: Driving Exploration within eResources (LJ)
10/08 Serving Readers: Beyond the Basics (WebJunction)
10/08 Creating a Makerspace Culture (Booklist)
10/10 International Libraries: A View from Friends Across the Pond (AL Live)
10/16 Social Media Networks: Enhancing Community Engagement Amongst People with Disabilities (ATC)
10/16 The Digital Shift: Reinventing Libraries (LJ and SLJ)
10/16 How to Hire IT Staff for Your Library (Infopeople)
10/17 Grow Your Library’s Early Literacy Program (TSLAC)
10/18 Literary Reference Center (TexShare)
10/18 Do-it-Yourself Reference Centers (Texshare)
10/23 ALA Virtual Town Hall Meeting on e-Books (ALA – Digital Content Working Group)
10/24 Early STEM Learning in Library Programs for Young Children (TSLAC)
10/30 Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: Tinkers, Printers & Makers, A Makerspace in the Library (NCompass Live)
10/31 Staff Technology Skills: Creating a Learning Environment (Techsoup for Libraries)

November 2013: Free CE and Training Options Online, compiled by the Texas State Library & Archives Commission (TSLAC).
(Free Webinar Highlights – check the CE calendar to see what’s happening today)
11/04 Small Business Reference Center (TexShare)
11/04 EBSCOhost Tips and NEW Features (TexShare)
11/05 E-Books in Schools: Lessons Learned from A to Z (Booklist)
11/06 Serving Job Seekers: Library and Workforce System Partnerships That Work (WebJunction)
11/08 Tech Tools with Tine: 1 Hour of Join.Me (TSLAC)
11/12 Grace Under Pressure: Tips and Tricks to Cultivate a Positive Approach (WebJunction)
11/12 The Evolution of Usage Statistics (LJ)
11/13 Responsive Web Design (RWD): An Introduction to Building a Single Website for the Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone (Infopeople)
11/14 Tablets and Mobile Applications (American Libraries Live)
11/15 Tech Tools with Tine: 1 Hour of MS Word Flyers and Mailings (TSLAC)
11/19 Early Literacy Apps, iPads, and Tablets in the Children’s Department (TSLAC)
11/19 Designing Your Library for Interactivity (LJ)
11/20 Library Technology for Patrons Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision (TechSoup for Libraries)
11/21 Preservation Best Practices: Fundamentals and Facilities (Infopeople)
11/22 Tech Tools with Tine: 1 Hour of SurveyMonkey (TSLAC)

Growing Wisconsin Readers Workshop, Nov. 8. 2013


Friday, Nov. 8, 2013
8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Mead Public Library, 710 N. 8th Street, Sheboygan, WI

The joint ESLS and MCLS Growing Wisconsin Readers workshop will be held Friday, November 8 at Mead Public Library from 8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Growing Wisconsin Readers (GWR) is a three-year early literacy initiative based in Wisconsin public libraries.

Collection HQ: Webinar and Use at Mead Public Library, Nov. 12, 2013
Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013
9:45 am-12:00pm

Eastern Shores Library System Office, 4632 South Taylor Dr., Sheboygan
Workshop Flyer

This presentation is a product webinar of CollectionHQ, a product used in conjunction with information collected by Polaris, and the experiences of Mead Public Library staff implementing this product in their operation.

December 2013: Free CE and Training Options Online
Free Webinar Highlights From Texas State Library and Archives Commission
12/03 Surveying Patrons with the Impact Survey (TechSoup for Libraries)
12/04 The Future is Now: Rural Library as Innovation Incubator (WebJunction)
12/04 Life After Desk: Implementing the New Service Models (Infopeople)
12/05 Making the Discovery Decision (American Libraries Live)
12/05 Turn the Page: Your E-book Future Done Right (Library Journal)
12/06 Tech Tools with Tine: 1 Hour of eBooks and Audio Books (TSLAC)
12/10 New Librarian Roles – Building Connections Not Collections (Libraries Thriving)
12/10 The Power of Transformational Stories (WebJunction)
12/10 Introduction to Drupal Part 2: Blocks, Menus, Taxonomy and Webforms (TLA)
12/11 Using Microfilm for Preserving Electronic Records (SLRM)
12/11 The Evolution of Usage: Analyzing and Benchmarking Use – DDAL Pt. 2 (Library Journal)
12/12 Extreme Customer Service, Every Time (WebJunction)
12/19 Preservation Best Practices: Planning and Prioritizing: Tools for Success (Infopeople)
Free webinars compiled by Wyoming State Library Association of Rural and Small Libraries
View and subscribe at the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar
or view the list in PDF format for more information.

Financial Education Webinar for Libraries
Wednesday, December 4, 2013
3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET

IMLS and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) invite you to join us for a free webinar on financial education resources for public libraries. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) are partnering to develop financial education tools and share best practices with the public library field. The goal of our partnership is to provide tools and materials to help libraries provide free, unbiased financial information and referrals in their communities, build local partnerships and promote libraries as community resources. The webinar will feature representatives from the CFPB, IMLS, American Library Association, and two of our local public library partners. See more at:

Webinar Registration
To participate online, you have to join both by internet (for visuals) and by phone (for audio) as follows:
1) To join the webinar, please click on the following link at the time of the webinar (No need to RSVP):

If that link does not work, you can also access the webinar by clicking and enter the following information:
Conference number: PW5861477
Audience passcode: LIBRARY

2) Phone: 888-324-8527
Participant passcode: LIBRARY

Maker Spaces in the Library: Full STEAM ahead!
Thursday, December 5, 2013
9:45 a.m. to noon
Mead Public Library, Rocca Meeting Room, 710 N. 8 Street, Sheboygan
Workshop Flyer

Maker spaces incorporate programs, tools and materials that support Science,
Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.
Learn why a maker space model might fit your library, see the wide variety of
maker spaces and how they reflect our unique communities, and unravel the
maker space philosophies, tools, and practices that have worked in public
libraries. What are the advantages and challenges of library maker spaces? Why
should libraries consider a new mission of “library-as-platform” during tight
economic times?

Shannon Barniskis was a Wisconsin public librarian for nineteen years, and was
most recently the director of the Lomira Community Library. She currently is a
PhD student, with a research focus on “making” in public libraries, policy, and
access. Join her to see some maker space equipment in action, and to decide
whether the maker space movement is one that should be moving you.